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Metadater keeps your customer metadata up to date so you don't have to. It prompts your customers to add/update their Stripe metadata while they're using your app.

What's metadata?

Metadata is extra information about your customers, such as phone numbers, addresses, preferences, or anything else that you can imagine that's saved directly into Stripe and associated with each customer. Storing that information in Stripe makes it easy for you to access it from any app that's connected to your Stripe account. Here's what Stripe has to say about it.

Why Metadater?

I needed a good way to get SMS numbers and mailing address information for my customers into my Stripe account, so I started writing some code that would automatically collect that information for me and keep it up to date. I realized that what I was building would be useful to lots of other companies that use Stripe, so I turned it into Metadater.


How does it work?

  • First, connect Metadater to your Stripe account with one click.
  • If you're already using metadata, you can pull all of your customer metadata fields from Stripe. If not, you can add them in Metadater, and then as your customers update their information, the fields that you set up in Metadater will be saved to Stripe.
  • Add a Javascript code snippet to your web app. This allows Metadater to display a modal in your app that asks your customers to update their metadata.
  • Each month, Metadater asks your customers to update their metadata. You can have it only ask customers with no metadata, instead of all of them.

But wait, there's more!

Customer Respect

We don't want to annoy your customers. If a customer cancels out of entering their information, we won't ask them to update that information again unless you specifically tell us to. We also wait to ask your customers anything until a few weeks after they sign up.


We don't store any of your customer metadata on our servers. When a customer edits their metadata, we save it directly into your Stripe account.

Experienced Development

Metadater was built by someone who has been building successful web apps since 2009, and who has extensive experience with the Stripe API. I've also built one of the earliest and most successful Stripe based apps: Stunning.

Best of all, Metadater is totally free.

Start updating your metadata automatically